soccer training west michigan

Heart Soccer Academy is committed to developing the next generation of elite soccer players in West Michigan. It was inspired by the life and passion of the late Michael Martin Herman 1989- 2005. As a player, Mike would often talk to his fellow teammates about “heart” – which founder, Brent Kowalski got to experience first hand.

Brent had the honor of playing with Mike and becoming one of his friends. Mike was often heard saying things to other players like, “I cannot do it without you”, “You are really important to our team”, “Play with everything you have today” – the kind of messages that can unlock potential and help others become the best they can be. In November 2005, Mike was in a fatal car accident that left the community devastated. Since Mike’s passing, trainers like Brent have intentionally worked to pass on Mike’s legacy by challenging and instilling younger players with the drive and passion to play with “Heart.”


soccer training west michiganAt Heart, we build our soccer training programs on 4 foundational values:

A growing passion for all aspects of the game

Working hard and giving your best at all times.

Putting team and others before yourself

Doing the right thing even if everyone else is against it


Our priority to bring out the best in players both on and off the pitch. If you would like more information on the “heart” behind Heart Soccer Academy – please contact us.